Video Release: Matcha by Parker Paul

By day, Parker Paul edits video and makes motion graphics. By night, he makes minimalist lo-fo acoustic sad pop music. He paces around his apartment quietly mumbling and strumming whatever comes to mind and uses his phone for on-the-fly tracking. He has combined his day trade with his DIY music making in his new music video, ‘Matcha,’ a cute animated story about a matcha kit-kat bar.

When Parker isn’t making videos or half-finishing single-player adventure games, he’s working on his music. He has been playing guitar and writing music since he was 12 years old. His acoustic playing has been influenced by David Bazan, a sort of strumming that’s really simple and slow. Lyrically, he’s inspired by his personal experiences. He says, “Up until late last year I had spent my entire life as a socially inept closeted bisexual nerd living in a small conservative town full of rednecks and churches so naturally a lot of what I end up writing about in any project comes from a place of personal insecurity and/or dissatisfaction toward how people treat/view each other.”

As a commuter student at Georgia State University, Parker’s been familiar with the Atlanta music scene and has gotten even more acquainted with the city since moving ITP last year. He’s also in another band called Kid Macho which is heavily influenced by the high-energy hardcore shows he went to in high school. A few years ago, he got really into indie folk and other genres and decided to start trying to write acoustic stuff, which morphed into his first solo endeavor "thegoodnews.” This transition away from hardcore is what led him to start creating this new material, like ‘Matcha.”

For more music, you can find Parker Paul on Bandcamp and Facebook.

Amanda NorrisComment