It's a Christmas, Christmas Special!

Taylor Kyles, local Instagram troll, has a new Christmas short!

Taylor and friends hope to tell an earnest and genuine Christmas story that nobody has ever told before. They say there aren’t many untold stories about Jesus. Complete with a monkey and a gladiator, this is one of them.

The catchy jingle was written and recorded in just three days and the video was shot and edited last week. This fun project had a quick turn around with help from friends Connor Cuevas and Terence, AKA Murk Daddy Flex.

People ask, "Taylor, Jesus is such a strong role to take on. It's kinda risky, isn't it?" 

His response to that is, “Jesus was a normal person, just like me and you. And besides, I've always wanted to be God.”

IG: @taylorkyles

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