New Single from Railslide

Railslide is a local Bluesy Skate Punk Power Trio making music they describe as “Angsty Skate Rock for rebellious youths.” Their sound blends the young angst of college punk with classic rock-n-roll.

Railslide Profile.jpg

The trio consists of Guitarist/Frontman Jake Handley (right), Bassist Bill Batty (center), and Drummer Adam Garlow (right). Railslide has a new, electrifying self-titled single that will be released late June. The EP was recorded at The Rock Shop and East Atlanta Recording Studios. (Produced by Willis Corley, Darrick Atwater, Sean McPherson, and featuring renowned Session Drummer Darren Dodd.)

The new single release will be celebrated with a show at the bands regular venue, Smith’s Olde Bar. The party will also debut the music video. You can expect a mean show with dirty bass lines, blistering guitar riffs and dangerously catchy hooks.

Railslide says that the single encompasses the trials of the daily grind in a society run by ‘The Man.’ The band describes the single by saying,

“The line, ‘day after day after day after day…’ eludes to the monotony of the repetitive daily routine, while the hook, ‘push to the shove to the bitchslap catch’ depicts forward motion with minor setbacks through the imagery of a skater.”

The singles continues up the metaphorical hill until it peaks, then barrels to a crash-and-burn style finish. You can hear this single and more live at their release party at Smith’s Olde Bar on Saturday, June 22nd. Doors at 9. Show starts at 9:30. See you there!

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