New Jam from Post Hunk

Post Hunk is a new wave, punk band with two members, John Pierce and Alex Teich. John is the main vocalist but they both play guitar and they take turns playing keys and bass. The duo already has an EP (Post Hunk) and two singles (Sex Life / Winder) under their belt. They’re excited to have just released a brand new single, ‘Big Al on Campus.’

The duo describes their music has, “perfect for when you stub your toe.” So take a walk in the dark and hit play on their new song. ‘Big Al on Campus’ has angry lyrics mixed with fun guitar riffs and weird laser-like sounds. It’s perfect for head banging and shoulder shimmying (and toe stubbing).

John says they were inspired by “the short attempt at college and what it would sound like to play “Enter Sandman” by Metallica in a major key. Neither were good ideas, but we got this out of it.”

Like what you hear? There’s more where that came from - the band has an album coming out on the 30th! You can listen to Post Hunk on Bandcamp and you can see them live at 529 on June 22nd and Star Bar on July 11th.


Artwork by Yancey Ballard.