Molecule Artist: Michael McCullough

Meet Michael McCullough, a local visual artist that works out of The Goat Farm in West Midtown. He specializes in hand-painted everything and all of his work contains thousands of layers of paint! McCullough experiments with Molecule art, including glow in the dark aspects meant to show the powers of Blood Molecules and their effect on the human blood systems.


Creating with thousands of layers takes a lot of patience. McCullough’s big inspiration is his faith. He says the molecules represent everything created by God that can’t be seen by human eye. “That’s why I make art so detailed,” he says, “to show how powerful the creator of everything we see works.”


This visual artist has been creating his whole life and has been painting for 17 years straight. He paints on all kinds of materials but says his favorite thing to paint are Molecule Coats. He likes the idea of creating a walking mural and says,

“I’ve done some of my best work on Adidas Track Jackets.”


Michael takes custom orders and can molecule any textile material. You can contact him on Instagram, @Michael_McCullough, or by phone at (470) 356-6116.