Plasma Imports: Albert Bagman

Albert Bagman isn’t a local, but he fit right in during his visit to Atlanta. He makes freak-folk music and keeps a permanent Halloween state of mind. I saw him play for a small crowd, basking in a warm pink glow of the living room at a house in Southwest Atlanta known as, ‘Moon Lake Manor.’ He played a few songs for this small gathering wearing his burlap mask and was joined by his older brother, Kyle, as the ghost on drums.



Albert lives alone on some farmlands in Maryland, which plays a pretty big role in his character's development. The Albert Bagman character came to life in 2014, during his first attempt to direct a music video for a single called ‘Miss Mortitioner.’ His work is a solo recording project. All the instruments and recordings are done by Bagman himself, but when he performs live, his friends join him on stage on whatever instrument they’re feeling that day.


He likes to explore different mediums when making music videos; he creates his own artwork and does all of the directing. His new video, ‘No More Room’ was originally meant to be performed as a puppet show but after creating the storyboard, he thought it stood pretty well on its own. Albert is a traveling salesman, trying to sell something no one wants... nightmares. He visits cities, hotels and farms but Albert isn’t welcome anywhere. Watch the journey below. Warning: you might catch some sad feels for Albert and his ghost friend.


Albert Bagman just finished touring with Andrew Starr and is feeling pretty inspired. He’s hoping to make some new music soon and we’re hoping to see him in Atlanta again!






Photos by Micah E. Woodward and GIF by Plasma Magazine.