Julie Slonecki Offers Poptismism On Political “88”

Songwriter, producer, and pop imagineer Julie Slonecki addresses generational questions and existential crises with synth-pop on her new track, “88.” Accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek music video, Sloncecki questions the status-quo of the world around her, asking if positive change is possible in our rigged system. The music video, shot on an iPhone, lightens the lyric’s heavy content with kitschy 80’s style and charming low-budget effects. The track is her most direct political statement to date, giving a sharper edge to her typical unapologetically optimistic output. If there’s a cure to 21st-century anxiety and generational doldrums, it’s whatever Slonceki’s sipping on. 

Check out Slonecki’s comment on the track and the video for “88” below. 

"88 tackles the difficulty our generation often faces living in this hectic world, where we are just trying to get by, but yet we feel this looming expectation for us to step up and stand up for causes we believe in, and create change.  If we don't, does that make us bad people? If we do, how do we balance our own personal lives and struggles with fighting for these larger causes? And is the game too rigged at this point for us to even play?”

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