In Abundance, Yet Far From Familiar


Written by Eugene Rubinchik

Made up of collaborative efforts from up-and-coming Atlanta dance DJs, Abundance at The Bakery was the calm before the storm of Atlanta’s growing dance scene.

“The scene is growing quickly, but there is still a lot more work to be done if we want to be a New York City or New Orleans. Otherwise, the event went better than planned,” DJ, producer, and show curator Primitive said.

KNZ, Primitive, DJ Lavi, Treppenwitz, King Nappa, and Habit swam with the fish on May 9th as Atlantans huddled around them during their performances. A fluorescent fog engulfed the crowd, providing a surreal backdrop to the eclectic song selection.

“I’ve always had a hard time including Death Grips in a set, it’s just so off beat,” an onlooker said, moments before Primitive shattered his expectations with an abrasive Death Grips inclusive starting track.

Primitive and DJ Lavi proceeded to follow up their motley of electro-mix ups with more rap tracks from Larry League, Flatbush Zombies, and Three Six Mafia. Perhaps a byproduct of Atlanta’s traditional rap scene, the inclusion of these songs may hint at a fresh new approach to electronic-dance DJ shows.

The show maintained intensity after Primitive and Lavi finished. Photographs from the event were as blurry as Abundance’s attendees’ visions, as Treppenwitz followed up with some hazy hits. Silhouettes continued to dance toe to toe throughout the event before King Nappa and Habit closed the event with powerful performances.

No DJ was left behind, as DJ’s finished their sets, they went outside for a quick breath in between sets before returning to support their fellow artists. Like a tranced-out guild, Atlanta DJs hype each other up, teach each other, and ensure sets go better than planned.

“I honestly learned a lot about DJ-ing just from messing around with other DJs. We practice this stuff almost every day, and that’s why we support each other so much,” Primitive said.

As noodle-legged dancers slowly funneled out of the dance room, life and jubilant exhaustion filled the lobby.

“We really did it tonight,” Habit said to his fellow DJ’s after the show.

While the crowd was largely Atlanta based, Athens designer Dan Diener came into town to display a variety of original clothing at the show. Striving for clothing to become a more sustainable industry, Diener made recycled curtain pants and algae bleached shirts for the show.

Treppenwitz’s Dylan Baker will hopefully be returning to Athens with Diener soon as he plans on extending dance to Athens more rock-centric scene. Unsure of how it will be received, Baker was glad that his Atlanta set was a lured the audience.

The crowd at Abundance perfectly captured Atlanta’s dance scene mantra. Atlanta’s potential to become a dance powerhouse city is imminent with local support.