New Single: Chicken Freestyle - Rippa Rachie featuring LoLo 40

Rippa Rachie's and Kaddy Kobain's family blurs the lines between a conventional family and creative powerhouse. Collectively, their output and work ethic is hard to match. With recent releases by Kaddy (Trip Utero) and Rachie's consistency, this familial house of creatives continues to push hip hop's boundaries. This release, "Chicken Freestyle," features Rippa Rachie and his younger brother LoLo 40 going back to back and off the top in traditional hip hop fashion.

Produced by Jey The Great The song is a trap rap banger with plenty of energy fueled by Rippa's bouncing cadence and the call and response exchange by Rippa and LoLo. The track highlights making money, sex, and partying which are precisely the elements of rap culture that we want to hear. These themes are the shining jewels of the art form and gesture to the jovial nature of trap which can be easily overlooked or misinterpreted, at times, for something more sinister.

Check out Chicken Freestyle above and follow Rippa Rachie and LoLo40 on Instagram for more updates and music.