New Single: 'Late Xmas Song' by Seal Pup

Jake Cook aka Seal Pup has a new single, “Late Xmas Song”, and it’s right on time. If the track were animate, it would stumble into Christmas dinner late, unironically wearing an ugly sweater, smoking a cigarette, loaded on eggnog, telling self-deprecating jokes. At the dinner table, everyone would laugh nervously and eyes from the twenty-some-odd people would glance about while they tried to distinguish which one brought their buzzed friend from college. It’s only when there’s not a single drop of eggnog left in the house, and everyone realizes that no one brought him that he miraculously disappears. I say all this to say, the song is an upbeat pop number, with a hum-able melody, and really sad lyrics. It’s a funny story your family will retell and laugh about as long as they don’t think about the implications of what really happened and to whom.

“Last Xmas Song” is the first single from Cook’s forthcoming EP I Bleed Pop, which is due out later this year. If the single is any indication of the rest of the release, it will be poppy as hell with sardonic lyrics leaving you confused about your own happiness. The juxtaposition of his melodies to his poetics puts you in a state of ignorant bliss like you’re in a burning building, but at least the heater is finally working in the dead of winter. Leave a little room this January for some post-Christmas dread with “Late Xmas Song”.