Every Season is Pink Drink Season with Gabbie Rotts

Do you like grudge-y, bitter, hateful music that’s somehow simultaneously pop and fun? Then you’ll love Gabbie Rotts, a local Atlanta band comprised of three kick-ass ladies who say they’ve coined the genre ‘grudge pop.’

Above you can listen to the single, ‘You're A Depressing Person,’ from their new album called Pink Drink Season. The album has been available on cassette tapes exclusively on their merch table at their shows. Now you can listen to this fun and flirty album online on their Bandcamp and Spotify starting this Friday, August 10th. You can also celebrate the new album at the Gabbie Rotts Pink Soirée + Album Release Party on Climax St SE near Chosewood Park, on Saturday, August 11th!

gabbierotts-albumcover2 pink.jpg

The concept behind the album, Pink Drink Season, is inspired by bandleader, Gabbie Watts, coming into her own ‘girlhood’ in her mid-twenties. She says, “Growing up, I hated the color pink and all things associated with girls but in the past few years, I've been claiming glitter, gold, pink, and velvet crop tops as my own." Some songs on the album were written as far back as 2014, others were written just this past March, but she says they all come from a teenaged sense of self, "I didn't start writing songs until I was in college, so maybe I'm just now processing my teenage angst.”

gabbierotts-press large.jpg

The trio is spearheaded by Gabbie Watts, the lead singer, guitarist, songwriter and doer of all band things. Her harmonies are Olivia Honey on bass and Emily Backus on drums. Gabbie says she loves this album because she loves her bandmates,

“They've been so amazing and committed to the idea of yelling and being loud and obnoxiously glittered.”

Gabbie also says that it’s, “Probably through THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP (IT IS REAL AND ALIVE),” that they’ve been able to tap into a sound that is punk but also features beautiful harmonies.

The band had a short tour that lasted about two weeks. They said they were overwhelmed with generosity and they met a lot of great people and amazing bands where they did the whole, "No, YOU'RE GREAT.” “No, YOU’RE great," thing for forever.

I asked Gabbie to tell me a favorite memory of working on the album or touring and she shared a story about a pizza server: “We keep trying to tell our friends about this one young dude we met, but it's one of those "you had to be there" moments. Otherwise the story is just as boring as he was. The guy was our waiter at Mellow Mushroom in Murfreesboro and he told us a 15-minute long story about serving a large family of Christian vegans, and there was no point to it! We kept waiting and waiting, but there was no point, it was still SO boring. He hadn't even taken our drink order yet. (Which were all pink drinks, of course.) We were trying to be polite, but through our tears of boredom, the situation become absolutely hilarious. You don't get it, it's fine. YOU HAD TO BE THERE.”

You know what else you HAVE TO BE THERE for? The Pink Drink Season digital release on Bandcamp and Spotify this Friday, August 10th and the release party the following night. See you there!

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