New Music, Jay Americana – Burner Phones

Photo: David Hawthorne

Photo: David Hawthorne

Following up on his latest EP, Pageant , that dropped this past New Years Eve, Jay Americana (previously known as Newmoney) is back with a more refined sound. His new single “Burner Phones” shows just that. With a noticeably heavier pop-influence, catchy beats, and memorable lyricism the single already sets the bar high for his next album, Like You’ve Seen a Ghost. We sat down with Jay Americana for a quick interview about his upcoming work:

P: How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard of you?

JA: I don’t know anymore, sometimes I just wind up making whatever I feel like making at the time. But generally, I could categorize myself under the umbrella of Trap-pop, leaning more towards the pop sound now.

P: Do you think there’s been a progression in your sound moving from Newmoney to Jay Americana?

JA: I think as a person I underwent this really weird transformation. In a way I evolved and became way more experimental than I have in the past. I was experimental already, but I really feel like I just stopped limiting myself to what other people already expected from me.

P: So tell us about this new single!

JA : That single is probably one of the more straightforward bangers that I’ve written and recorded recently. I took some queues from revisiting old trap mixes from back in the day (like old Future and stuff like that). I looked for ways to blend both of the worlds that I’ve occupied as a musician, so giving it that street-ready sound with a pop twist to it.

P: So putting a new spin on your old stuff with a new twist on it?

JA: Yeah kind of like an upgrade from where I was before.

P: When is the album for this single coming out?

JA: I’m working on an album titled Like You’ve Seen a Ghost, dropping in July. I think it’s going to be one of the more personal things that I’ve ever put out because in a lot of my old stuff I’ve made vague references to my personal life, but I feel like now it’s just so much more obvious and explicit. I’m excited to put that out into the world and I’m excited for people to hear these songs because I like them and I hope other people do too.

“Burner Phones” is available on all platforms now. It was produced by Cashumilk, a 17 year old, Griffin-based producer and was mastered by Ezra Pound$.