A Long Way From Home: Phuket - Entry 1

     It was a few minutes past the hour, or maybe a quarter to noon. I was sitting, backed pressed against the hard airport seats, with my borrowed iPad in my lap, and my near-dead cellphone in my right hand. I finally was able to get-or should I say buy- a wifi connection to let my friend and former birthday girl know that I was “SOL,” with no possible way of escape. Tired, hungry, and vastly low on physical currency to exchange (literally 8 US dollars in my bag), I attempted to then wrestle with the reality of the situation: I’m trapped in a Chinese airport. “Dear God, what fate will I uncover,” I thought to myself as my stomach growled painfully. I should have eaten that microwave dinner from the Family Mart up the street before I left, or at the very least finished those strangely tasty shrimp and salsa flavored Lays chips (yes, those actually are a thing) I was munching on in the hostel.

     The airplane food they served while flying here wasn’t very filling, compared to the food I knew I would soon eat on the long ocean flight back to the states. While I was moping over shrimp chips, colorful images seemed to entrap my mind. The sweet and savory aroma of peppers and spices suddenly impaled my senses as I fought to keep my mouth from watering. Oh yes, the food! Of all the things I ever tasted, why did I have to discover that the most delicious of them would come from a country hidden on the other side of the globe. As fast as those visions arrived, I then became consumed with moving silhouettes of the ocean. The calming of the waves, the feeling of the hot sand on my feet, and the peaceful sounds of natural silence it all made, overwhelmed me in a manner I wasn’t prepared to receive. Her words then haunted me more: “You may feel a little depressed when you get back.” What a thing to say, I remembered thinking to myself. But, to fully understand the deeper meaning behind those words, I have to take you to the premise of why such an outcome could exist. I’d have to break the walls of this airport stronghold that has bound me; I’d have to take you to Thailand.