Erek-Ki Gala: Dance & Installation

With LONER and Mani

Ancient Sumerian mythology meets contemporary dance and electronic music in an immersive experience for both audience and performers. Erec-Ki-Gala, a performance art experience, premieres at The Bakery on Friday, April 27th. One can expect a breathtaking display of choreography from, Christen Sewell Weimer, a seasoned performer and professor of dance at Spelman College and Brenau University.

Christen Sewell Weimer, Choreographer

Christen Sewell Weimer, Choreographer

“Dance is a physical manifestation of the union of the mind and heart. Achieving this union through movement is a lifelong process to which I am passionately committed,” Weimer has stated. “Choreography is the means by which I investigate the stories within my own body as well as the stories within the bodies of others.”

However, the ones with the creative seed are in fact longtime friends and Atlanta natives Aeron Attwooll and Peter Flamming. With myth in mind, Attwooll and Flamming decided to create a piece around the Sumerian tale of Inana’s Descent into the Underworld.

Gracie Joo 

Gracie Joo 

Inana, a prosperous Babylonian queen, celebrating the sun’s gifts with her carefree servants, discovers emptiness beneath the light. Her dreams become haunted by a distorted shadow world, so she seeks out and embraces the darkness. Sacrificing everything, she enters the underworld and meets Ereshkigal.

“It’s about releasing one’s attachment to possessions and identity, dissolving contradictions, to claim a greater wholeness by uniting with your shadow,” says Attwooll.

“Writing scores for dance performances or large-scale live performances is a passion of mine,” Flamming said. “We’re excited to put together something of the ancient and arcane with something innovative and contemporary.”

Additionally that night, the Bakery will be hosting an art show featuring 5-6 Atlanta-based artists, and performances by bands Mani and LONER. Mani is a dynamic 3-piece experimental/indie psychedelic band. LONER is a non-binary post-rock ensemble based out of Atlanta. More information can be found on the Facebook event.

7pm - Art Show

9pm - Erec-Ki-Gala Performance

10:30pm - Mani

11:30pm - LONER

Tickets are $7 at the door.