Single Review: When The Trumpet Sounds - The Underhill Family Orchestra

The Underhill Family Orchestra recently released their first single, “When The Trumpet Sounds,” off of their upcoming album Tell Me That You Love Me. Flowing in from the Alabama Delta, this southern folk-rock band brings an array of sounds to the table, mixing together naturally and capturing the rustic sound of the south.

With an upbeat melody and joyful harmonies, “When The Trumpet Sounds” describes dying in a peaceful and positive light: “...When the trumpet sounds and this all ends, Jesus Christ, I’m comin’ home.” The song ends with a short and sweet narrative of an elderly woman describing the last few days she spent with a loved one. In this recording you can hear wind chimes, laughter, and the clanking of dishes, fully capturing the scene of this elderly matriarch’s porch after a Sunday dinner.

The Underhill Family Orchestra will be performing their first show in Atlanta on April 12 at Smith’s Ole Bar alongside with She Returns From War and The Titos! Be sure to check them out and be on the lookout for their upcoming album, Tell Me That You Love Me this May!