Single Review: Sonic the Hedgehog - Lady Valore

Elaina “Lady” Valore’s hip-hop and spoken word promotes positivity and self-enlightenment and at times dips into raw, anti-consumerist rhetoric, all steeped in a laid-back sense of humor that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Her fourth release, IRL, builds on old anti-capitalist themes, adding a constructive and hopeful perspective from her own experience as a DIY artist.

“No labels will tie me down, I am free of judgement/ Don’t need acknowledgement, just wanna be a helper,” says Valore on the opening track “Sonic the Hedgehog,” a sarcastically-upbeat critic on the struggles of a DIY artist trying to make her way independently, outside the bounds of professional labels and rules.



The tack isn’t saying anything new, but embodies the collaborative spirit characteristic of the DIY music community, who often have to work together to survive in the music business. It’s a time-honored notion that a scrappy artistic community sticks together.

Valore herself is a self-appointed community builder, seeking to bridge together the underground music scene between Savannah, Atlanta and Athens. She hosts a radio show called The Abyss through and 107.5FM in Savannah, where she plays underground music of all genres and personally supports DIY artists on Bandcamp with her own money.

Valore has toured in Europe and across the United States, and is currently embarking on a local tour around Georgia, including two back-to-back shows in Atlanta.

The Bakery: Jamee Cornelia, Niah Lyrical, Chel XI, Zap Brautigan, Lady Valore and Crust. Wed. March 28, $5 donation. 9 p.m., 825 Warner St.

Gallery 992: Crust, Lady Valore, Ryan Buck Bass, DK, Echo Constant and Soothsayer. Thurs. March 29, $5 donation. 8 p.m., 992 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.