Single Review: Coronarita Dad - Fiesta Forte

The new pop-punk band Fiesta Forte is reviving the genre one outlandishly funny song at a time. Their first release, “Coronarita Dad,” is a refreshing look at what the pop-punk genre once was and where it could be heading next. The band is composed of Zach Johnston (vocals/guitar), Zach Dismer (vocal/and guitar), Gentry Pruett (bass/vocals), and Jacob Miles (drums).


The group started recording  the upcoming album, Bummin' Cigs off Minors, in early 2018. “Coronarita Dad,” is their first single from the forthcoming album, and it is fantastic. The song is a reminder that we once were carefree kids with nothing to worry about, and it is time to have fun again! Group chants like, "Let's make this place uncomfortable, let's make this place unbearable," and "The summer ain't dead in my head just yet," serve as a mission statement for the night of your life.

Although the single “Coronarita Dad,” is fun and high energy, this band is not all about jokes and gut-busting laughter. Dismer states, "The upcoming album’s lyrics discuss struggling with anxiety, substance abuse, and fleeting relationships." These difficult concepts are things that many of us know about on a deeply personal level. It will be interesting to see how Fiesta Forte articulates those ideas on the upcoming album.

Bummin' Cigs off Minors will be released this Spring with more to follow. For more updates follow Fiesta Forte on Instagram and like them on Facebook. For now, check out their first single “Coronarita Dad” on Spotify and Apple Music and be sure to check out their promo video on YouTube.