Absurdist Rapper, Michael Myerz, Releases "Café Candyheart"

Michael Myerz Cafe Candyheart Plasma Magazine

Day-dreaming, in front of a cornflower blue void, Michael Myerz is seen from the chest up, wearing a red bucket hat, a leather jacket, and a turtleneck speckled with cherries. On his newest album cover, "Café Candyheart" is scribbled overhead in a glowing yellow. 

Myerz is a self-described “absurdist rapper”, self-made in Atlanta. Constantly in the process of transforming his sound and aesthetic, a friend of Myerz suggested he use the title since he doesn't conform to any particular sub-genres of rap or hip-hop. 

His music style is absurd--humorous, somewhat stream-of-consciousness, and...pretty vulnerable. In fact, Café Candyheart was released on January 26th, with the disclaimer: “I made this album after a 4-year long relationship that turned to utter shit. No worries I’m fucking good.” on Bandcamp.

A lot of Myerz's rap incorporates a dry, thoughtful humor that warrants a scoff at the least and a rewind back to the verse at the most. Even his performances are punctuated by stand-up comedy routine like dialogue, “I just want people to lose their minds and have a good time.” says Myerz.

Not all of Myerz's music is comedic, but an air of deadpan humor underlines late 80's pop-ish beats, early video game influenced synths, and a rap delivery reminiscent of the early Slim Shady, and the Beastie Boys--a musical inspiration of Myerz. Some of his other musical inspirations include Beck, Quarashi, Aesop Rock, Bloodhound Gang, Soul Coughing, Kool Keith, Why?, the Donkey Kong Soundtrack, Toonami Music, and Aphex Twin.

His ever-changing theme is incredibly impressive, considering he’s made 21 albums since 2011. When asked what the creative process is behind creating so much material, Myerz says “Life keeps handing me material. Everywhere I look I see something I could write about. I can't get writer's block because every day is a song, as cheesy as it sounds. On a given day I see, hear something that influences me...There are so many damn things I want to do and who knows when I'm going to die and so I gotta make as much shit as possible and try as many things out! AHHH!!!”

Like his aesthetic, each of these albums is different from the last. Michael Myerz describes them as genre-less. “Bottom line I'm all over the place, I'm absurd, I'm nuts, I rap, I rock and roll all the time sweet Suzie! (Kung Pow reference)” says Myerz. 

Despite his whimsical nature, it's apparent that Myerz has dreams of crossing genres and exploring his potential. Honestly? We’re here for it.