Review: A Fine Accoutrement by CHEW

Photo by Zack Spilker

Photo by Zack Spilker

Atlanta based psych-rock band, CHEW,  incorporates some of the best elements of funk, jazz, and dance music into an energetic package of face blasting musicianship on their latest release A Fine Accoutrement. CHEW is composed of Brett Reagan on guitar and electronics, Snare-Uh Wilson on drums, and Brandon Pittman on bass. Together they create a full and funky sound that stimulates your senses to the core.

The first track on the project, “Mystery School,” sends you off into the void with meandering melodic tones that transport you through space to a futuristic planet filled with life and adventure. "Mystery School," is a brilliant introduction to the mood of the project. It establishes the underlying musical prowess of the trio. The drums on this intro are subdued yet full of reverberated and glitchy twists and turns paired with whirly synths efficiently simulating the coolest ride on the illest space shuttle.

Snare-Uh's impressive drumming on the title track, "A Fine Accoutrement," shows a noticeable jazz influence with a tinge of metal styling. Pittman's fuzzed-out bass accompaniment throws you into a lo-fi and perfectly sluggish auditory landscape of floating celestial bodies. Reagan's melodic guitar ties everything together in a way that feels just right.

Photo by Jamey McDaniel

Photo by Jamey McDaniel

The EP's third track, “Deep Inside The Fade,” is an interlude that further pronounces CHEW's eclectic musical tastes. Soulful Dilla-esc drums fade out into an atmospheric Tool like expansion that lets listeners know that they have more and it's coming for you.

The EP gallops and moves with vast amounts of sonic energy. Pulsating bass lines, relentless drums, and mystical melodies place themselves at the forefront of the project. On "Golden," CHEW seamlessly blends the complexity of math-rock and pop formats into an audible epic set atop an equestrian guide from another dimension.

On the track "Numerology," the mood feels like you have arrived at your destination. Pittman’s and Reagan's string contributions feel like you are floating on a wandering astral river while jamming out to Santana's Abraxas. The song gradually rises in energy and leads into a perfectly placed synth solo that pushes the song to its end and into the last track.

The final part of the piece on the EP is the song “Crunchy,” and it is just that. Snare-Uh's utilization of cymbal textures creates a crisp, funky and tight soundscape for Raegan to experiment and explore. Pittman's bass produces the framework that allows the song to progress yet retain its structure.

Throughout the A Fine Accoutrement EP, CHEW vividly displays that they have the ear and creative ingenuity to compose a technical project and retain listenability. "A Fine Accoutrement," is art that allows you to revert to a more imaginative state and at the end of it all, isn't that what we all want?

For more from CHEW like them on Facebook here and check out their upcoming show at The Earl on March 18th.