Album Review: 'WhatIsHeWorth' by Think Thrice

Think Thrice is a triple threat just as his name suggests. Recording, production, and writing vocal lines are all skills in his arsenal. Think Thrice's most recent project WhatIsHeWorth, released on Atlanta based record label Harsh Riddims, is a stand out example of his musical versatility and a showcase of his wide range of influences.


The project as a whole can quickly be identified as hip-hop due to the bouncy vocals on many of the tracks, but with a deeper listen you begin to hear unique soundscapes that draw from other genres. On the aptly titled 2nd track, “ILOVETHIS,” you hear a mounting and driving arrangement of drums and ambient sounds that establish a bed for Thrice's lyrics to lay on. Ambient house influences are prominent on many of the tracks.

Industrial and glitchy sounds are present on tracks like “ItWasMeant,” subsequently creating a cold aura to pair with the warm familiarity of the hip-hop based lyrical lines. Overall the composition of the project seems to transport listeners into a futuristic space-themed cyberpunk lounge, and I love it. Sonically, the vocal section on many songs throughout the project feels reminiscent of  Los Angeles producer and rapper Madlib sans the high pitched twists and turns of Quasimoto.

Harsh Riddims has a great line up of producers and artist to check out Think Thrice seems to be setting the tone for the last quarter of the year with WhatIsHeWorth by answering the question that the title suggests. Think Thrice is worth a listen and a purchase.

You can check out his album below and be sure to follow Think Thrice and his label Harsh Riddims for more updates on future releases.