Singles Weekend Featuring: Identikit, House of Now, and Hunter Davis

Singles Weekend final.jpg

Here’s another installment of Singles Weekend. This time around we have three very different yet high energy singles to get you pumped for whatever you’ve got going. This weekend we have tracks from Identikit, House of Now, and Hunter Davis.

Identikit is hard to pin down. They infuse their love of many different genres into a distilled potion that is never quite identifiable. It’s definitely jazz, but with a palatable pop influence that doesn’t snub its nose to casual listeners. Their latest single, Horizon, is no different. The instrumentation is interesting without being bogged down in too much theory. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get weird but Identikit keeps it fun. Horizon draws on and plays off show tunes in the vein of Frank Sinatra but with the wit and absurdity of Tom Waits. Check them out on Bandcamp, and Spotify and follow them on Facebook.

House of Now is grunge in the simplest of terms. Heavy vocals, distorted guitars, and driving drums. Their latest single “Stay” isn’t trying to keep you around. It keeps you at an arm's length  just checking to see if you still have a pulse. Lead singer Brendan Page sings,” If everything is good, goodbye.” It’s a harsh message, but so is life sometimes. “Stay” is a tight track clocking in right under three minutes showing Page’s knack for simple hook driven writing style. Check them out on Bandcamp, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

“Autumn” is the first single from Hunter Davis’ forthcoming solo project. Named after his girlfriend as well as favorite season, “Autumn” is a pumped up track that begs for a mosh pit. Davis’ vocals are bordering on nasally emo, but don’t cross the line of Good Charlotte. It also sports a killer riff that turns into a gnarly outro solo that  falls like the leaves in early September. Check them out on Instagram and Youtube.

Let us know what new singles, EPs, and LPs you’re excited about this Fall in the comments down below. We’re always interested in hearing about what new music Atlanta is putting out.