Review: Chick Wallace EP


Chick Wallace’s latest self-titled EP juxtaposes distorted guitar with lead singer Melanie Paulos’s beautiful vocal style. The straightforward lyrics and delivery of the first track,“I Wanna Know” express the beginning stages of a  budding romance when you are still figuring each other out. However, the five-song EP dives deeper, the romance mentioned above takes a turn for the worst.

Paulos is accompanied by Max Boydston, vox and drums, Alex Glick, bass, and Josh Pringle on lead guitar, on their self-subscribed salty girl pop release. Together they blend fuzzed out poppy surf punk with a dark meditation on relationships and the obsessions they can cause when the feeling is not mutual. Melanie sings, “I don’t want to be your transitioning queen” in a dark and brooding tone, on the second track titled “Ghost”. A number that dwells on the pitfalls of being someone’s relationship rebound when the memory of someone’s former partner is still lingering.


By the end of the third track, "Blue Like Jazz,” Paulo’s vocals become a shriek of angst as the drums drive more bombastically mirroring that tone and feeling. Chick Wallace sings, “I'm heavy just like your bones,” as if to say I’m here physically as opposed to the ghost of someone you’re hung up on. The narrator of this deranged love story turns from unhappy to psychotic on the bubblegum pop track, “Sweetheart”, as they sing about showing up at the object of their affections work unannounced and finally imploring them with the last line,”Darling I think it’s hardly necessary to call the cops.” The EP finishes with a duet between Max Boydston and Paulos going back and forth about a 2 am beach trip as the characters search for the tide.

Chick Wallace’s EP lives up to the self-subscribed genre salty girl pop. It’s fast and loud without being too brash to be accessible. The lyrics are well crafted with a narrative that is creepy yet relatable in the throes of unrequited love. The last two songs "Sweetheart” and "More Hits only Hits" are the most dynamic musically with enough changes and breakdowns to balance out the driving repetitiveness of the first half of the EP.

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