The Cool Winners aren't Funny?

Let’s begin 2018 with a laugh. The Cool Winners aren’t Funny is probably the strangest place to start. Juan Soto aka Pete Though and Grant Marshall areThe Cool Winners. Together they bend and morph comedy into a surreal soup that blurs the line between their real lives and their stage personas. In their new web series, The Cool Winners aren’t Funny, they bring the absurdity and awkward wit of their live act to a new level.

The duo has a small cast and crew including Ryan Lambert, Millie Rose Evans and Kinsey Adriano. Together, they have released two episodes of The Cool Winners aren’t Funny. In episode one, Pete and Grant go on an epic journey in search of their comedian friend, Tommy Custard. In episode two the duo gets a film gig and Grant gets a big head. Episodes will be released monthly on their Youtube channel, be sure to watch, like and subscribe! You can also like their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram for updates on the series and information about their upcoming live shows.