A Sweet Tooth for ‘Served Soft’

Served Soft, an art show featuring works from local artists Melanie Anne Paulos and Xan Violet, will have it’s opening reception at the Mammal Gallery in downtown Atlanta this Friday.

Melanie Paulos takes comfortable objects and gives them a different perspective, aiming to provoke, intrigue and cause viewers discomfort. Xan Violet typically works with materials that are pure, soft or sweet. This split show displays both of their creative works and centers around fun objects including cake and ice cream cones.


When asked about the inspiration for the show, Paulos said, “Served Soft was created because I absolutely love Xan's work. It's amazing. It was also created because I made the piece "Beware of Bearing Gifts" during my short time at Georgia State. I went on to expand the film and wanted to show it.”

Paulos is influenced by her emotions, philosophical ideals and feminist beliefs. Violet is influenced by her fascinationation with purity, withholding, communicating and utopias. Combined, they’ve created the world of ‘Served Soft,’ and would love to share it with you.

The doors of the Mammal open at 8pm on Friday, January 19th. Gallery hours after the opening are to be determined. Come experience ‘Served Soft’ and bring your sweet tooth