Here is The Line Up for Plasma Fest 2017!

Hey Peeps,

As many of you know, we are gearing up for Plasma Fest 2017. While we are working diligently to make this year's Plasma Fest even more outstanding than last year, we do want to let all of you know who will be performing this year. We have a shit-ton of awesome acts from all over the city that we handpicked, so we know that you will love them. 

This year's performers will consist of, Big Brutus, Loner, Worlds Greatest Dad, MonteQuarlo, The Queendom, The Prblms, Loudermilk & Moon, and Grand Prize Winners from Last Year.


Join us on October 14th at Chosewood Hall (420 McDonough) and prepare to have a fantastic time. Tickets are $5 and will be available for purchase soon. For more info sign up for the news letter here and follow us on Instagram.