Latest Release from Big Brutus - "Consumer Machine"

Atlanta musician, Sean Bryant, a.k.a. Big Brutus recently biked up the East Coast to raise money and awareness for the International Rescue Committee. While upon this journey he composed the track “Consumer Machine” about the socioeconomic pressures we are facing today.

Themes of gentrification, consumerism, war, and wage inequality are infused sonically, with aspects of folk, rock, and even jazz. A saxophone solo reminicent of Pharoah Sanders, on the latter half of the song, brings the tune full circle. Lyrically, Brutus lays our world bare and speaks of the anxieties we face in these polarized times. 

Big Brutus always gives listeners a full musical experience within his musical releases. Heavy themes and profound instrumentation are always present and offer an intellectual yet enjoyable listening experience catering to both the passive and active listeners.

You can check out more from Big Brutus on SoundCloud here, and be on the lookout for more great music.