New Music: Soulcaliber - Jae-R Benjamin (The Black Shaggy)

Jae-R Benjamin, Atlanta Hip Hop artist, released his single Soulcaliber, which is another sauced up melodic trap banger. The track Soulcaliber, produced by DX Beatz and Randy, is an auditory dream of lofty soundscapes and swagged out lyricism. Jae-R’s driving delivery helps direct the listener’s trajectory straight into the stratosphere. The song, clocking in at a minute and forty-four seconds, is more of a flight plan than a full experience. Benjamin has been teasing us with singles for quite some time now, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store.

For more from Jae-R Benjamin, also known as The Black Shaggy, follow him on SoundCloud here and check in with us for more.