Delphinium releases Zinnoberrot LP

Delphinium, an experimental math noise band originally from Acworth, Georgia, has just released their first LP titled Zinnoberrot. The two-piece drum and bass combo are made up of Noah Estrella on bass/vocals and Dariush Mirsajedin on drums. Their speedy complex math rock compositions juxtaposed against beautiful slow melodic portions give the album many different and dynamic contrasts. The two piece has saxophonist Henry White join them as well as guitarist Sam Wilson on several tracks.

Zinnoberrot is a dark, heavy record that begs to be moshed to. It has complex changes that can be appreciated on a purely musical level but also enough groove to be danceable. It’s this meshing of style and substance that allows for such listenability for both casual and avid listeners. It’s loud, brash, mathy but also moody, hypnotic and atmospheric.   

While Delphinium identifies as math rock and noise, the dynamic qualities they also dip into some experimental jazz especially on tracks like ‘Syrup’ and Marmalade’ when saxophonist Henry White joins them. These two tracks are reminiscent of James Chance and the Contortions, a melding of experimental punk and jazz. On the second track ‘Y’all d’ve’, featuring guitarist Sam Wilson, Delphinium embodies the math and noise genre. It’s full of finger tapping, quick starts, and stops but then explodes into full on noisy distortion, like an electric flower blooming after being struck by the third rail.

All in all, it’s a damn fine record that demands multiple listens to poke and prod through its complexities and nuances. You can purchase it off of their Bandcamp.