New Visual from The Queendom - Queenshit

The Queendom, an Atlanta Hip Hop/R&B duo, presents the debut visual for their smash single Queenshit and they do just that. Sexy, impactful, and in your face are some of the words that come to mind when watching this new visual. Art should always push forward in an era where nostalgia and complacency rule and establish the status-quo. In our mind, this is exactly how music videos should be.

Queenshit is a title for any actions that are royal in nature, but that does not mean these women are prissy and prim. They have an edge and continue to push boundaries in the effort to overturn long-standing social norms. The Queendom paints a full picture of womanhood, showing that women are multifaceted and dynamic. 

As it stands, there is a lack of representation and cohesiveness in the female hip hop community. Here, The Queendom has included many talented female creatives in this project such as Beau Joli, Alexandrea Lushington, and Sharia Amor. The Queendom brings something needed to the industry, and we welcome it with open arms.

Check out the official video for The Queendom's single Queenshit below.