Plasma's Favorite House Venues

Atlanta’s DIY house show scene has made a resurgence in the past couple of years allowing young bands to incubate and hone their craft before stepping out into larger venues. They also house some of the most intimate shows I’ve seen to date. Many times just a group of friends sharing with each other and small audiences new material they’ve been working on, or in the case of some larger houses touring bands from all over the states and even the world. Here are some of Plasma’s favorite spots and pop-up shows to catch.   

Room Tones is a semi-regular show held at the Tea House in the East Atlanta Village. These small mainly acoustic shows are intimate and cozy. Musicians come from near and far to showcase new and old material amongst friendly ears. Started back in January 2015 by Victor Baloo when he was living in Reynoldstown, line ups have included Eliot Eidelman, Hamish Hawk & the New Outfit, and Viking MOSES. Keep an eye out for these they are always a treat. Room Tones is always good music and good company.  

BABY CHAIR HAUS is a new space located in Historic East Pointe. It’s a psychedelic oasis of ceremony and a beacon for artists both far and wide. You never know what to expect from the performers who will grace the living room. Performers have included Insects vs. Robots, a five piece psychedelic folk-rock space-punk Orchestra, The Emotron, a performance projectionist with original compositions, and traveling poet Marshall James Kavanaugh. Be on the lookout for more from BABY CHAIR HAUS.

The Casa Nova has become a staple of Atlanta’s DIY scene since Arthur Cabral, and Emma Rubenstein moved into their house in the Chosewood Park neighborhood. The multi-use space has been used to house everything from comedy shows to performance art and of course some Atlanta’s finest musicians. While the former house venues are mainly quiet intimate gatherings, the Casa Nova gets a little louder than most. They’ve housed bands like Flower, The Dandyls and, Faun and a Pan Flute as well as touring bands from Boston, France, and Italy.  

Here are some other notable mentions of DIY spots to check out for music, art, and upcoming events. Mom’s House is a DIY venue that has just relocated to a new house in East Atlanta. They like The Casa Nova have the space to do bigger shows. Rowdy Dowdy has opened up a multi-use event space in a converted garage shop in the West End. The lady’s from Yes Ma’am converted their house in the Historic West End to an art gallery to showcase Georgia’s female artists. Dylan “Lebo Jenkins” Valvo periodically has potlucks in his backyard in Fairburn with some of Atlanta’s finest folk musicians. And there are plenty more out there that we haven’t discovered.

Atlanta’s underground scene is alive and thriving. Get out there and enjoy all it has to offer. House shows are a beautiful and intimate way to experience live performances. So don’t be an asshole, shut up and listen to what’s going on around you. There is a community of people out there that work tirelessly to create new and intriguing material to share.