The Swim List

It is that time of the year yall! Memorial Day is here which means all your favorite local pools and swimming holes are soon to be open. If you are like us at Plasma Magazine your mouth is watering, your pits are already staaanking, and you are ready for a summer filled with drunken nights cooling off in whatever body of water you can find. Here is your guide to Atlanta’s best swimming holes and pool spots. 

Candler Park Pool

Candler Park Pool is one of our favorite places to frequent. It is free before three and is walking distance from Candler Park Market and Fellini’s pizza parlor. The Park has a huge multi-use athletic field for anyone who’s looking to get hot and sweaty before they take a dive. Also, check out the free movie nights in the Park here.  

Chattahoochee River

One of the greatest treasures Atlanta has to offer is the Chattahoochee River as long as you stay north of the city. There are plenty of hiking trails and shooting the hooch is an excellent way to cool off during the summer heat. Our favorite portion is near the Palisades in Vinings. It takes anywhere from an hour to three depending on the water levels. Start at the Cochran Shoals- Power Island and float to the Palisades Chattahoochee Trail Parking Lot. Remember you need two cars! 

Grant Park Pool

Located on Park Ave SE, Grant Park pool is another great spot to beat the heat. It is open to the public and free from noon till four Monday thru Friday. Make sure to get there early before all the kids are let out from daycare and summer school.     

Sweetwater State Park

Sweetwater State Park is another spot to venture for some outdoor adventure and swimming. It is about thirty minutes west of the city but is totally worth the drive to cure those sweaty city blues. Wherever your misadventures lead you just be safe out there in the wild world and stay cool this summer. 

Martha's Falls & Desoto Falls

If you are willing to make the drive to northeast Alabama, there are a plethora of beautiful hikes and waterfalls. Martha’s Falls a.k.a Hippie Hole, nestled in Little River Canyon, and Desoto Falls state park are two swimming holes worth camping out at for the night.