The Black Shaggy in Pure Bliss


The Black Shaggy's recent project, Bliss EP, is a departure from the status quo of Atlanta Hip Hop. Shaggy provides the lyrical staples of Atlanta hip-hop, but he lays it out in a way that feels lightly sauced. The emphasis is put on creating a lush auditory landscape for lyrics to unfold into a story of simplistic perseverance amongst doubters and life's consistent hurdles.

Light production establishes the mood of the project and serves as bedding for braggadocious lyrics. It sounds bouncy and abstract yet hard hitting enough to allow listeners to digest the entire EP and still have an excellent time. Shaggy says, "Bliss is a musical path of emotions one would think about when it comes to their morals and how they view the persons they love or like."

The three track EP contains the relatable notions of "the flex" such as smashing yo main, dripping diamonds and bringing bags home. The laidback production found in the first song, Future, mixed with the concepts mentioned prior establish a consistent theme of we live, we learn and we have fun. A series of ethics that millennials tend to live by, especially in popular culture.

The lyrics found on this EP lean more towards the stylings of current industry leaders such as Playboi Carti, but the production retains a musicality that shows signs of diverse musical influences. Imbued with influences of Los Angeles Beat, Dance Music, and Hip-Hop; Shaggy creates a youthful wave of new sound that does a balancing act of popular relevance and independent innovation.

The soundscape of the song Whennow establishes a sense of lighthearted fun not commonly found on other Hip-Hop projects. The most striking aspect is the song's similarity to the sound of Atlanta artist COMMAND's Watermouth EP. Emotional yet reserved harmonizing over melodic overtures details this song and establishes a new bar for underground Atlanta Hip-Hop.

Through and through, Shaggy produces an eclectic Hip-Hop smash with plenty of replay value. For more from The Black Shaggy check out his SoundCloud here and be sure to check in with us for more updates.