Album Review: Big Brutus - The Odd Willow

Atlanta's Folk Rock/Alt-Rock Heavy Hitter, Big Brutus, is back again with a fantastic sophomore album titled "The Odd Willow." Big Brutus' last project, "Tiny Box," released last March and was a much-loved staple around here. When we learned that a follow-up was soon to be released, we were ecstatic to get our hands on the finished project. To our surprise, the amazing Ari Fouriezos hooked us up with a sneak peak, and it didn't disappoint. 

Big Brutus makes a successful effort to start the album off on a good note with the warm and filling moods established by "Scenery." The song's brilliant orchestrations create a colorful bed for the stories, told during the rest of the album, to unfold in the most elegant of ways.

The album is a construction of beautiful compositions coupled with thoughtful lyrics. Sunbathed cuts like the title track, "The Odd Willow," and "Tradition," put you in a comfortable mental space reserved for long car rides in the late Sping and sharing unforgettable experiences with good friends. 

Experimenting with sonics can be tricky for many acts during their sophomore projects. Big Brutus' attempts on tracks like the latter half of "Hannah, Do You Hear Me?" hits its mark. The sounds radiating throughout the song add an eerie quality to the composition that is exciting and haunting while retaining an overall calming auditory aesthetic. 

This album has it all. Everything from singable vows of love like "Louise," to guitar focused pulsating Alt-Rock hits such as "Games for Nameless Things." Big Brutus gave us exactly what we hoped for and gave us plenty of extra gristle to chew on until his next release. "The Odd Willow," shows Big Brutus' growth and adventure in the areas of songwriting, musicianship, and life in a way that is refreshing to the senses. 

You can check out Big Brutus new album, "The Odd Willow," on SoundCloud here and check out their Website here for updates and upcoming shows.

Written by Jordan Neal (@urban_jordan)