New Music: Buckhead Shaman - Buckhead Shaman

Have you been searching for answers to questions from the beyond? Well, Atlanta's own Buckhead Shaman might have some answers. 

Buckhead Shaman just released their featured, self-titled EP and the sound is a dive into a mystical, freak-pop snakepit. Buckhead Shaman's front man, Tyler Hobbs, spearheads the project in composition and instrumentation. He brought the project into another realm with pop song structures and his use of chaotic sonic timbres.

Sound composition is the driving force throughout this project. Hobbs rejects consistency in an attempt not to conform to any specific genre. Hobbs's says, "We don't want to come across as fake in any sense," expressing his desires for an unclassifiable, unique sound. The randomness of the EP follows that theme and explores different aspects of music, touching on the anxiety and inconsistency that we all face in our everyday lives. 

This EP isn't conventionally conceptual but features aspects of society that are simultaneously refreshing and reminiscent. Hobb’s describes ideas of, "current consumerism confusion and post-apocalyptic/capitalist survivalism, paralleled by an underlying satirical narrative of being holistic, healthy, and hypocritically spiritual," referencing the lyrical themes.  

Buckhead Shaman wants listeners to know that music making doesn’t have to be serious, business, or live up to any sort of standard. Let’s reject social constricts and hierarchies of creativity. Hobbs wants that change to start here, in Atlanta. Buckhead Shaman is a project that can’t be stereotyped or categorized. There are several music scenes in Atlanta; Buckhead Shaman refuses to fit in and consequently created a whole new sound.

Listen to Buckhead Shaman here and enjoy yourself while you're at it. You deserve it!