Lawson Chamber's latest release "The Battle of the Bands (Versus the Void)"L

Zines are a place to explore overlooked ideas, stories and experiences. Many times handmade and self-published, zines are a labor of love and hold a special place in the collective DIY culture. Lawson Chambers has been drawing cartoons ever since he could pick up a pen and on December second at The Bakery he will be releasing his latest release titled  "The Battle of the Bands (Versus the Void)". The event will include performances from Twin Studies, Dope Knife, Lingua Franca, Saline and Perdy Show.  

Chambers grew up in Canton, Georgia and started drawing Sonic the Hedgehog comics in the third grade. “Making DIY comics and zines now is essentially the same principle,” he told Plasma via email. Through the years his approach to zines has changed as he has moved from simple gag and joke comics to more fleshed out stories. “As I gained confidence in making comics, I started thinking more about narrative, characters, and themes.” 

Lawson Chambers self portrait 

Lawson Chambers self portrait 

Looking through Chamber’s Alternative Reality Zines there are obvious recurring themes, ideas, and settings that hit home if you’ve spent any time in East Atlanta. For starters, the setting is a fictionalized version of the the neighborhood and it’s bars and restaurants. The characters are hip kids in their twenties or aging hipsters still waiting for their magical musical ticket to come in. Chambers humanizes them by focusing on their shared existential angst and search for meaning in a meaningless world.  “A lot of my comics showcase artists and musicians dealing with this struggle, and highlight the reflexive nature of making art itself”, Chambers told us. The zines aren’t all hopeless artist dilemma, they also showcase the absurd and humorous side of it as well.

In Chamber’s latest release "The Battle of the Bands (Versus the Void)" he pits the east side music scene in a battle for a record deal “and also literally engaging in combat with a giant, all-consuming void.” This fantastical version of East Atlanta is grounded in the cartoonist's true interest in the characters he creates. “It’s very gratifying to me to invent characters and infuse them with this personality for which I feel a great deal of empathy”, Chambers mused. This wide-ranging ‘void’ can also be taken to mean many different existential crises, all of which his characters will confront in their own way.  To see how it all goes down make sure you’re at The Bakery this Saturday, December second! 
Doors are at 6. The show is at 7. $5 for the show and a digital download of the comic. Free admission to the artists market, showcasing local artists' comics, zines, prints, poetry, and more! A portion of art sales will be going to benefit the Women's Resource Center and the IRC.

You can buy all of Lawson Chambers' comics, zines, posters, and more at his website: