EP Review: Sad Fish - Take the Bait


Sad Fish’s second EP release Take the Bait is a snapshot of lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Arthur Cabral’s musical roots and the places they are leading him. Recorded in Daniel Scoggin’s, aka local Atlanta legend Cousin Dan’s, basement over the past year. The Ep starts off with some soft psychedelic bossa nova to ease your eardrums into a soothing place preparing you for the musical journey.

Cabral and Scoggins intentionally hold on to the lo-fi sound Sad Fish are known for by using the Casio piano beats Cabral uses live. They do step up the production value from the first EP release which is reflective of the development of Sad Fish’s overall sound. After exploring Cabral’s Brazilian bossa nova roots in "Vida," the second track starts in with the Casio beat. "Counting the Sheep," has a throwback spaced-out 80’s feel with futuristic laser bass, reverb-soaked vocals and big echoing drum fills. 

"I Know," steps up the pace with a guitar riff that catches your ear from the very beginning packing a carefully crafted melodic punch. As with most of Cabral’s riffs, they are somewhat off kilter which is what gives Sad Fish such a unique sound. Rotten House is another song centered around a melodic guitar riff with a catchy hook to match. 

The whole EP has a gradual building up and breaking back down which is fully realized in the last track "LaLa Song." Cabral and Scoggins lead you into psychedelic Brazilian tall tale which I don’t want to spoil here, but it is both epic and inspiring. 

Sad Fish has stepped up their game since the first release. The creative relationship between Scoggins and Cabral is both evident and subtle. Scoggins helps flesh out that 80’s feel that Cabral and band members Emma Rubenstein and Sean Conlon already tap into. Take the Bait sees both complex and dancy sides that Sad Fish teeters between fully fleshed out. The EP release is November 10th at The Casa Nova with Cousin Dan and A Drug Called Tradition sharing the bill.

You can pre-order Take the Bait via Godless America Records here