Collect is Giving Back and It's Good!

Collect is a philanthropic event benefiting low-income families in South and West Atlanta neighborhoods that do not currently have easy access to fresh produce.

Doran Hickey, organizer and local creative, started Collect to inspire and empower makers, artists, musicians and local farmers to use their platforms for a good cause. Collaborating with local businesses including Cafe + Velo and the Food Oasis Network, Hickey aims to help South and West Atlanta neighborhoods by providing locals with convenient, fresh and healthy foods.

Most low-income neighborhoods in South and West Atlanta do not have grocery stores or farmers markets that residents can walk to. Sometimes they aren't even in range of our public transportation system. This often causes families to opt out of shopping and settle for nearby fast food.

The event will feature Tour de Fruit, an 11-mile bike race starting at Cafe + Velo and ending at Collect's event space located at 140 Milton Ave SE. Racers will speed through the several checkpoints while picking up donated fruits and vegetables. Upon finishing the race, the participants will deposit the produce into a repository used to stockpile donations.

Food will be provided by 9th Ave Street Food and Ok Yaki. There will be music, a pop-up market and a live painting by The Lotus Eaters Club, Julio Ceballos, and Strawberriemilk_. Admission is only $1. That dollar also gets you a raffle ticket for some awesome prizes.

Come be a part of Collect at The 3x3 Project located at 140 Milton Ave SE this Saturday, November 18th. The event kicks off at 1pm. See ya there!