Grant Park's Money Trees

The Atlanta Airport is the number one point of entry in the United States, and this is just what is pushing Atlanta into becoming another sprawling metropolis in the US. No one can argue that Atlanta is growing, but is said growth being guided in the right direction?  Some changes have been for the better. Other good intentions have struggled and ended for the worse. A clear path for Atlanta’s journey is nearly impossible to find, but clearing a path in Grant Park is not the answer. 

The community of Grant Park is putting up a tough fight. A considerable segment of our beautiful Atlanta is paving the way for a parking deck. This section of Grant Park is full of trees, flowers, grass, wildlife, as well as an incredible view of the Atlanta skyline. The city of Atlanta was built from the fires. These trees found life after a dark past, and have grown tall and strong to stand proudly in our new future. Over 200 healthy trees are being marked for removal to create over 1000 parking spaces. 

Why disrupt the most natural parts of Atlanta, when there’s no real reason to. Who will be able to afford the high costs of parking in this deck? It seems like these trees are made of money, and a certain few will be gaining a massive profit by chopping away at this heartbreaking project. Let us remember that Atlanta is the city in the forest, and if we continue this path of destruction we will just be another city of concrete.

If you would like to stand against this disruption of natural history here are a few links that may be helpful. Please inform yourself more on every angle of this topic, and come out Saturday (before Plasma Fest that is) to stand with the people of Grant Park. Let's save the trees of Grant Park!