Cinema Novo

Cinema Novo is an Atlanta band that seeks to redefine what a band could be. The group consists of Christopher Richardson (Guitar), Matthew Klem (Bass), Shawn Moeckly (Drums) and Haseena Peera (Vocals). The group along with cinematographer, Brandon Mishawn, collectively produces stunning visual content to pair with their dramatic and vastly entertaining musical stylings. 

The word dramatic comes to mind due to the band's underlying interests. They make emotionally compelling musical scores that almost seem as if they are soundtracks ripped from some of the world's most impactful films. Vocalist Haseena Peera stated, "Cinema Novo started as an instrumental trio, inspired by film, trying to create soundtracks to films that didn't exist." 

With the help of Peera, Cinema Novo formed into something more. Thematic instrumentations without vocals or lyrics became small narratives from a gripping story as Peera's contributions came to fruition. This contribution, though fueled by grief from a recent loss, sparked something truly magnetic in its aftermath.

Technicality and style combined with the fires of passion for life and art are the elements that compose Cinema Novo. Their Seven Headed Lion Series is a product of said conviction. The project started as an album. Designed and intended to be released as their first full-length, this seven track compilation, inspired by seven strange mythical creatures from various cultures became a metaphor for the group's diverse life experiences. 

Check out their recent release, Isonade, below and see the dynamic group live at HealiUm Center, in Candler Park, on January 28.

Written by Jordan Neal (@Urban_Jordan)