Urban Exploring

Here’s a guide to urban exploring in Atlanta. First of all get a bike and don’t forget to splurge on a helmet. Second collect a gang of good friends and hit the hot pavement, because remember there’s power in numbers and they can’t hit all of us. Atlanta has so many in town neighborhoods, markets, nooks, crannies and beautiful green spaces that are easily missed while you’re cruising in your car. 

There are the obvious haunts on the beltline which are always a good time; Ladybird, Krog Street Market, Park Tavern but don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. There are all kinds of abandoned structures tattooed with graffiti that hold Atlanta’s industrial past. While we at Plasma don’t promote vandalization we do encourage a healthy sense of adventure. We have the Pullman Yard, which has been used in numerous shows and films, the Atlanta farm prison and many other hidden gems. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight, pants you could care less about and camera to take pictures. 

If you’re into the greener things in Atlanta there are plenty of unfinished portions of the beltline to explore. Following the old railroad tracks take you through secluded sections of Atlanta seldom seen. While I am excited for the expansion of the Beltline I am sad to know that these spots will soon be overrun with joggers, bikers, and other scoundrels but so it goes. Get out there and explore before it’s all one big commercial money pit.  
We atliens also have a plethora of in town markets to enjoy and almost all have a park within picnicking distance. Candler Park Market on Mclendon is only a stone’s throw from the park and has great a selection of sandwiches both hot and cold. And don’t forget the pool at Candler Park is free before three after its opening on Memorial day. A lesser known market is in the Oakhurst neighborhood which is nestled in between Hosea L. Williams and College Avenue on the outskirts of downtown Decatur. Oakhurst is also home to Kavarna Coffee, Mojo’s Pizza, Steinbeck’s Pub and Universal Joint bar and grill. 

If you’re looking to spend a some cash we have plenty of music and beer festivals coming up this summer. The Atlanta Jazz Festival is going on Memorial Day Weekend at Piedmont Park. June third and fourth the Candler Park Music Festival will be raging with performances from Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, Galactic, Chris Robinson Brotherhood and much more. Tunes from the Tombs in historic Oakland Cemetery is back again with intimate concerts June eighteenth. Also, June Eighteenth is the Historic Old Fourth Ward summer beer festival. If your palate is a little more refined the Atlanta Wine Party is happening July twenty-fifth at Opera. These are just some of the exciting things going on around the city this summer. Remember to be safe but never quit exploring.

Written by Stephen Wilkins