LipSlide's EP is Finally Here!

     LipSlide’s EP is finally here! Voodoo, the inaugural track,  starts with a backbeat piano line that drips into layered synths with a phat beat that beckons to be blasted all summer long through any stereo system you can get your hands on. The simultaneous male and female vocals meld together beautifully like the late nights you’ll be spending listening to this track. LipSlide stirs the smokey cauldron of beats to produce a musical juju that can only be described as electronic mysticism. LipSlide taps into the EDM dance craze but grounds it with that steady backbeat piano that can draw a wide array of audiences to sing its refrains. This is sure to be on your steamy late night playlist all summer long.

     Keep up loses the male counterpart but that’s only because we, the listener, love the chase but that doesn’t mean Tess Elise is slowing down for anybody. LispSlide takes the best parts of the EDM genre, voice manipulation, beat drops and that distinct drum machine sound, and uses them tastefully without sacrificing lyrical content. On Keep Up the alt-pop duo blend these EDM traits with hand drums and brings a fiery drum circle to your eardrums.  

     Raging Addict is an electronic soul track that utilizes synths and hand claps. The duo vocals create a call and response of two lovers bound together by ecstasy despite the downward spiral they are embarking on.

     NaNaNa is a defiant anthem that speaks of the troubles trying to make it against tough odds. One of the weaker tracks on the EP but is still upbeat and danceable. Lack of lyrical content and the use of stereotypical EDM beats and drum tracks lack the originality of the first half of the EP.

     They Say finishes up the EP with an indictment of relationships and succumbing to outside pressures. All and all LipSlide’s debut EP shows off the talents of two well rounded talented musicians. While certain points may seem overdone, their commitment to honest emotive lyrics brings an unironic look on relationships and the modern struggles of up and coming artists.

Written by Stephen Wilkins