Ratchet Wednesday #1

     So it was a regular Tuesday afternoon- at least that’s what my hangover kept telling me along with “call out from work so you have enough energy to repeat last night”- and I was staggering around aimlessly. With nothing but the sun blocked rays through my shades, and a pocket full of bar receipts (kept them taps running) it was a start of a brand new day.  Yet, one random glance to the left nearly questioned my so-called 3 o clock sobriety. A young woman- can’t be more than 22- with long grey weave, purple contacts( though they could be her eyes who am I to question), and a large-yet NICE-set of avatar blue lips on her face. I’ve heard people claim to see some weird things under the influence, but this my sub- conscious ain’t creative enough to make up. She stood there at the bus stop PROUD, COFIDENT; looking like she’ s been eating a pan full of solid blue berry  muffins, or sucked on a long, thick…popsicle (geez stay focus guys, head out ya dads sock drawer ok). I just kept wondering: are Smurfs real…did she kiss one, and did the magic of that interaction turn her hair grey? Then the bus came, took her west, and that was the last time I saw this magical creature. Maybe one day I’ll see her at a QT buying her fairy grandmother some Camels lights, or in Magic City with the Easter Bunny sipping on two Blue MF’s throwing gold coins. I don’t know, after that visual anything’s possible.

     All jokes aside…ladies has it come down to this. Does lack of attention or crazy trends run so deep that you would paint your face like the clown from “IT”… I’m just saying. I mean she wasn’t ugly at all-I mean besides those overly blue suckers (as in lollipops cough* cough*) she was actually attractive; which may be a problem within itself. Now I know what some of you are thinking- “Hey J, lay off man, let her do her, if she wants to look like Jake Sully’s side chick Neytiri (yeah I googled em’) flying on a winged alien creature to fight off a rebel army- it’s her right”. And I’ll respond with this: “To the women who love being different, love to stand out, and just have a personal weird sense of fashion-hey do you! But, I Ain’t talking to ya either.” This goes out to the lost ones…the confused ones…the “I saw Rihanna do it so why you hatin’- orange weaves the new green.”…smh. The key to my point is don’t do it because of others, do it because of you. If you like wearing Waffle House yellow eye liner, don’t wear it because it’s the ‘IN’ thing now and Taylor Swift may have rocked it (maybe more like Miley Cyrus) on tour, wear it because you feel that’s the way God wanted your eyelids to look. All in all, ladies who are confident, or a little faded out and self-conscious…I love ya just the way you are!  

Written by Jimmy E.

Plasma Imports: Deep Sea Diver

Plasma Imports: Deep Sea Diver