Inner Deliberation

As I gaze at the empty space before me

I wonder where do I stand

my whole life has been a woe

how do I see myself as a man


How can you prorate a man's desires'

by what he doesn't bare

how can you infer his passion is fake

when the contingent isn't there


I’m just a man trying to find my avenue

I search high and low finding my destiny

I humble myself to his chasten for where it's meant

for I know He's fabricating what is me


I've been through a lot

some good some really bad

but I thank God everyday

for Every encounter that I've ever had


Honestly I don't have much

but He created this man here today

I've laughed and even cried

I've traveled the ebbed valley till it felt like a stay


I've learned a lot of the lessons of life

I never thought I’d be here

bewailing over past afflictions

Why am I here

am I self -oppressed bound by

the lack of implements  needed to see clear

or taunted by the application of my transgression

shackled with the chains of my fears....


Written by DOMO