Plasma Imports: Deep Sea Diver

I had the pleasure of seeing Seattle’s Deep Sea Diver live at The Earl and it was nearly life changing. The dynamics of the group’s live performance proved to be very memorable. Deep Sea Diver’s singer, Jessica Dobson, captivated the audience with her vocal performances and multi-instrumental talents in songs such as “Creatures of Comfort.” In the song “Secrets,” drummer Garrett Gue and bassist Peter Mansen established a solid rhythm section that laid down an infectious dance-provoking groove. Keyboardist and guitarist Elliott Jackson’s contributions to songs like “Wide Awake,” fit extremely well with the band’s sound. Jackson’s efforts elevated the band’s musicality from interesting to iconic. Collectively the band laid down a dreamy soundscape that filled The Earl’s renowned backroom venue. The band subsequently combined their musical influences to pull together a sound that is sonically refreshing and full. 

You can check out Deep Sea Diver on their website here and be sure to check them out on Bandcamp here.

Written by Jordan Neal (@urban_Jordan)