Plasma Imports: Alan Kilbane

Alan Kilbane is a studied photographer with immense talent. His upbringing in Newcastle and his creative formative years in London shaped his personal style into something truly stunning. The honesty in his pictures gives off deep resonating vibes that allow you to glance physically and metaphorically into his world. Gaining inspiration from American culture and films such as Wild Style became an obsession. In terms of composition, Kilbane favors the work of the painters of old such as Van Gogh and Matisse. His refined sense of placement and composition shows that his interests are as varied as they come. 

Kilbane’s search for organic expression leads him to create this photo diary. In regards to creating his photo diary he states, “Well it's a diary that I've taken these over a period of time... And I like the romantic idea of a photo diary... the photos are a physical expression of liminality within my childhood, they express a feeling I could see but couldn't touch.” Photography is a type of meditation for Kilbane. Being centered by your own creation is a fulfilling sensation that is extremely complex to describe. Creating this physical representation certainly, helps with the translation.

Check out more from Alan Kilbane on Instagram at @Al_Kilbane.