About our Vision

We want to vividly display a defined cross-section of Atlanta's vibrant alternative culture. Our goal is to dig a little deeper and show you the people and things that really make Atlanta great.

In its essence we provide inspiration to those who need it and attention to those who deserve it.


Intellectual Sensibilities

Advancement of intellect by any means necessary. If it's too easy then it's not right or your not challenging yourself anymore. Either way we are going to step it up and make you think outside of the box. 

Locally Sourced + Grounded

It's important that you know yourself and your environment. Everything we feature is natural, organic, and local. That is our intent and our purpose.



Want to Help Out or Submit Your Content?

To help out with the magazine or submit your content, email us your content, resume and or portfolio to staff@plasmamag.com


Founder/Editor in Chief

Jordan Neal


James Early


Amanda Norris

Art Director

Bianca Glade


Stephen Wilkins


Naya Clark